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Our Brand

ADORN by L is here to help encourage women to be, feel and look their best.  Being and feeling your best is connected to the degree you can be your authentic self - loving and accepting you.  Looking your best is simply a reflection of your inner beauty. 


Our hope would be that you see the beauty of who you are reflected outwardly. That is what ADORN by L is all about-expressing your best self through your professional brand or personal image. 

What We Want You To Know:

  • See yourself, flaws and all, and love yourself completely.

  • Know that you are loved beyond measure.

  • Be patient with yourself and your journey.

  • Be kind and gentle to yourself.

  • Be good to yourself – practice self-care. Be well.

  • Be intentional with your thoughts, habits, emotions and self-talk. What you think and say about yourself matters.

  • You are made – fearfully and wonderfully. Custom created – there’s no one like you.

  • You are beautiful inside and out.

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