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About Me


Hi I’m Lashawndra, CEO and founder of Adorn by L. 

I am a personal stylist who loves helping women discover a style that is uniquely their own and reflects beauty from within.  I’ve always enjoyed style, color and photography. From a teenager to now, it’s one of the ways I expressed myself.  I especially love event styling and adorning with accessories for that special touch! 


Over the last 20 years as a business leader, I’ve worked with women at all levels in corporate and community environments, giving me insight into their needs. These women share a common thread. All desire to be their best, feel their best and look their best. I also know the challenges and personal insecurities many women face because I experienced them myself. You may have a level of success and still feel out of place.  You may want the perfect look to celebrate a major accomplishment and don’t know where to begin or there’s simply no time (or we don’t prioritize ourselves). 


Whether it’s everyday wear, a special event, photoshoot, headshots or life transition (career, motherhood, etc.), I’m here to support YOU!

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